Buying a Racehorse

I purchase at auction or privately to suit clients requirements.
I consider many factors when selecting a racehorse at Guy Stephenson Bloodstock. I have thirty five years experience in purchasing winners.

The key factors

  1. Conformation
  2. Balance
  3. Movement
  4. Soundness
  5. Form (horse in training)

Tel:  07702914525

Management Of Racehorses

I place great importance on ensuring the racehorses I manage reach their full potential and perform well for their owners Trainer selection- liason advice on racing programme with client racehorse trainer yard visits.

I highly recommend that anyone purchasing a racehorse should use the services of a respected and successful bloodstock agent.

I am highly skilled in the selection of young horses and sourcing horses of all ages including horses that come from the point-point fields if you would like to buy a racehorse I am always contactable.